Math is dying: Humanisation of Processes

Just for a long time, everybody has been talking about the analysis of the data, so-called Big Data analysis, all the time, now it is the time to understand that “it is not the point!”

For years, we, professionals, have been trying to get data and make some number crunching until we are satisfied with the results. These results might end up with actions or just we would be happy that we got results.

Now, we are at a point where “math is just a tool for the real purpose” which is humanisation of processes.

It is now counts where we make the use of math just as a starting point and understand the real meaning of the outcomes.

What do I mean?

Let me be direct. It might be painful for some of you.

It is not important to understand the brands your customers love or your customers habits of shopping. What is really important to understand is “the motivation and emotions behind these acts.” What do your customers have as driving factors to have this end result?

Or, it is not important what percentage your vendor was successful in delivering. Rather, it is crucial to understand how well they are motivated to serve you and how well your leadership or ownership was in place.

This is the only thing computer can not decide. Still we need humans for the interpretation.

I always think that KPIs set for each divisions in companies or projects are so “objective.” In today’s world the difference is when you are able to understand the human motivation, curiosity and acts. Not facts.

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