ipekblogging the week


As for all of my postings are in Turkish, I decided to make a week overview in English.

This week I have tried to go over the different subjects. My main aim is to write my own thoughts about a topic which I have read from a reputable website/blog.

During the day, when I am commuting, I try to read about different subjects but mainly marketing and business world. So I think while I expect you to read my posts, I encourage you to read these posts as well.

So, as a summary I have looked at the topics like;

– Facebook’s new product: conversion tracking. My main thought on this is that it is a great tool created against Google.
– What to do and not to do on Social Media. I see Social Media soley P2P business which is people to people. So brands should stop acting like a brand and start being a human for its consumers.
– Millennials. Hot topic for everyone! The generation Y! The ultimate consumer group! This is one and only important target market for brands to understand and take actions accordingly. Go and check the relevant post and take the test to see how much millennial you are!
– SAVE phenomena on top of 4 P’s! This is a new understanding which Motorolla has already embraced! Solution+Access+Value+Education. For me this leads the world to a more consumer driven platform more than ever! And one of the best example might be Apple!

Let’s see what this upcoming week brings!

Enjoy the week everyone!

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